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  • Are there any future fees associated with joining?`
    The first 6 months of your ecommerce site is free. After that, you will pay $8 a month to keep up your site. You can pay each month or quarterly. If you are no longer active or interested in actively selling, you would not be obligated to pay the monthly fee.
  • Can you choose the books in the Kit?
    Unfortunately, no you cannot. These books are carefully chosen to highlight the best series (for all age groups) and variety. The kits change with new releases quarterly and are based on availability.
  • Do you have to carry inventory?
    Nope! Customers just order straight from the site and the books are shipped to them from our home office in Tulsa, OK!
  • Are there monthly quotas you have to meet?
    There are no sales quotas you have to meet! You can go at your pace! This business is flexible and family friendly. If you do decide to sell though, the company rewards you with bonuses in the form of free books and cash (above and beyond your commission).
  • How much money can a consultant really make?
    The income opportunity is limitless! Through our various marketing opportunities, you’ll earn an average of 25% commission based on your sales volume. When you choose to become a Team Leader, you’ll make even more. We have one of the most generous compensation plans of any direct sales company. You will find this business to be quite lucrative. The average income of a party is $100.
  • Do I make anything off of you joining my team?
    I don’t receive anything from you buying your kit.
  • Is training available?
    Our team is one of the TOP teams in the company! I am not making this up! We have so many amazing resources and optional trainings that are available to you as soon as you join. You will be a part of a team that will help you along the way.
  • Can you only do Facebook parties with this business?
    I love that Usborne Books & More offers so many other ways to share these incredible books…home parties, read-a-thons with schools or even within your own community, book fairs, booths, fundraisers, etc. They are a very generous company committed to ending the literacy crisis in our country and they give generously to get books into the hands of children!
  • Are there opportunities to promote?
    Oh yes, many! The next step after becoming a consultant would be to become a TEAM LEADER! It is so worth it!! Not only will you be able to build a team and help other’s impact literacy and their families, but you will receive an additional 8.5% on your monthly sales and the sales of your team.
  • What is the model of this type of business?
    Usborne Books & More is a Direct Selling business. The business is designed to be easily run from your home, with NO inventory required. Our various marketing opportunities include: Parties – Parties can be held both in the home and online! The host earns a generous amount of free and discounted books. Book Fairs – Set up display of books plus an online event for a private or public school, hospital, daycare, preschool, homeschool group or other organization. They can earn up to 50% in free books based on their sales. Fundraisers: Reach for the Stars! – A pledge-based reading incentive program that gives at least 100% back to the organization in the form of books and/or cash. Cards for a Cause (cash fundraiser) – A unique program with value-for-money boxed greeting cards and a high return rate to the organization raising funds. Literacy for a Lifetime – A 50% matching grant program partnering with businesses, foundations and individuals to help support organizations that are working to increase literacy in your community.
  • Is this an MLM company?
    All multi-level marketing means in terms of business structure is that you have different levels of employees who receive different levels of compensation based on their contribution, experience and responsibility. We are both a MLM and an independent consultant company, meaning you have the choice to be an independent consultant forever OR you can help others find this business and help them grow their businesses too. "MLM" suggests that those above you make more money off your workthan you are. Usborne is not set up that way. Individual consultants make 3x more off of their own personal sales than anyone above them which explains how you can run a successful personal business without ever building a team.
  • Can you work with schools?
    There is an Educational Services Representative (ESR) certification requirement in order to work with public schools and preschools. You can receive this certification through Usborne Books & More.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a consultant with Usborne Books & More?
    25% commission/25% discount, free books, luxurious vacations, exciting rewards through monthly Home Office Challenges, national recognition, access to Usborne Books & More endorsed health and life insurance programs, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by encouraging a love of reading, friendships, personal growth & empowering others and personal development
  • How much does it cost to join?
    We have two options for starter kits. The $99 kit (valued at over $200) includes 10 popular titles plus 6 promotional items including mini books from various series for use as incentives. Also included, a $30 book credit, a supply set including catalogs and a 6-month eBusiness page package. The $59 kit (valued at over $150) includes 4 popular titles plus 6 promotional items including mini books from various series for use as incentives. Plus, a $15 book credit a supply set including catalogs and a 6-month eBusiness page package.
  • How do taxes work?
    A 1099 would be sent to you if you made more than $600 in a given year.
  • I'm not a "salesperson" ... Can this work for me?"
    Yes! Very few of us are naturally born salespeople! In fact, most people join Usborne Books & More without any sales experience. We have many homeschoolers and stay at home moms, people who already work full-time, professionals with PhD degrees, retirees and people who just love the books. There are no set time requirements. You may work as much or as little as you want. However, your earning will be directly proportional to your efforts. We believe in building relationships. You are simply sharing your favorite books and helping others choose books for the kids in their life. Your enthusiasm and the books will speak loud and clear.
  • How are consultants supported?
    You are not alone! There are a multitude of training opportunities available with Usborne Books & More. Whatever your learning style and schedule permits, there is something for you! Your kit will include a Consultant Guide with great information. Your Team Leader can provide personalized training and is excited to help you!
  • How is Usborne Books & More different from other direct sales companies?
    I truly believe one difference is that books are not a luxury that people (especially moms!) feel guilty about spending money on—buying engaging books for children makes people feel good! And the other difference is that I’m a part of the TOP team in Usborne and we have tons of training to help us succeed!!! We offer a product that everyone needs! Books are right up there with food and clothing! Children grow up fast and need new books as they grow.
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